PTAC Cleaning

If PTAC or VTAC units go without regular cleaning maintenance, they can have a severe negative impact on indoor air quality, increased energy consumption, and even a decrease in the life span of the PTAC or VTAC unit. If cleaning maintenance is neglected too long, property owners and managers can face expensive damage to rooms and property and costly downtime in occupancy.

We use a patented PTAC Cleaning CradleTM which is a self-contained, in-room PTAC cleaning solution. Hotel operators can reduce energy consumption up to 20 percent or more and also improve indoor air quality for their guests using our PTAC maintenance. We use a drain pan cleaner tablet in the base pan to inhibit bacterial growth

The benefits of our PTAC/VTAC cleaning program:

  • More efficient air conditioning units that save as much as 20% on your electricity
  • Better cooling performance without coolant change or unit replacement
  • Preventive maintenance that avoid major repair and replacement costs
a PTAC unit with a patented PTAC cleaning cradle attached
PTAC unit with half cleaned
a PTAC unit before cleaning by SteamPro
a PTAC unit after cleaning by SteamPro

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