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The Steam Pro Experience knows that your pet is very important to you but pet stains and pet odor can be a problem. We offer a non-toxic pet stain and odor removal system that sanitizes, breaks down enzymes and deodorizes your carpets and furniture. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your floors and fabrics. It can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. When urine is first deposited onto a floor or fabric it is considered to be on the acid side of the pH scale which makes it easier to remove. 

Once it dries it turns “alkaline” or to a high pH and becomes more difficult to remove. The warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which begin to flourish almost immediately. In this original acid state the urine begins to oxidize and react with the carpet to create a color change, which will become permanent if the urine is not removed immediately. Some of this color change can be attributed to the strong ammonia that forms as the urine passes through bacterial and chemical change. If left for days or weeks, depending on the fabric or floor type, it will change the dye structure, therefore causing permanent staining. Even if the soluble deposits are removed, the damage to the dye structure may already be done.

After the pet stain and odor removal treatment your carpets will look great and smell fresh again! Don’t wait too long to for your pet stain and odor removal!

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