Delivering best-in-class employee training programs

Among the many things that set Steam Pro apart from the competition is our dedication to a full employee training lifecycle. By providing continual education and training to our technicians, you can be assured that they can answer your questions with up-to-date knowledge. Ongoing training and education has been shown to improve employee engagement and morale, leading to better quality outcomes for the services we provide. Because engaged employees also turnover at a lower rate, you can be confident that our technicians are invested in providing the highest level of service for your home or business. Steam Pro is proud to partner with Employee Launch for our employee training and development programs.

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We are also an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified firm, a widely recognized credential with many certification programs for carpet and flooring cleaning and maintenance, mold and moisture inspection, and restoration procedures.

Upward Mobility Training creates engagement and growth

At Steam Pro we utilize an Upward Mobility Training System which drives communication between management and employees. The foundation of this training system utilizes skill-based learning with an emphasis and hyperfocus on follow-through. 

Custom Tailored Content

The Steam Pro leadership team partners with expert training coaches to develop job-specific training programs which clearly define the expected performance and knowledge requirements for our technicians.

Predictive Interviewing

Through our candidate evaluation programs, we are able to get a complete view of a candidate’s anticipated skill level and time needed to train. This allows us to be confident that our new hires will meet our expectations.

Individual Upward Mobility

We are able to analyze and pinpoint our employee’s strengths through tailored level training. This means that we can develop employee-specific goals and longevity to help them grow throughout their career.

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We utilize some of the most advanced hot water extraction equipment available on the market. No job is too big or too small for Steam Pro.

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We provide first class professional cleaning services for a wide range of businesses including food service, hospitality and entertainment.


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