Mold Remediation

While the thought of mold in your home can be scary, there are a few simple things to know about mold and how it affects us. Mold inside your home or business is not always an issue unless those mold spores come in contact with wet or damp surfaces and begin growing. Molds can cause allergic reactions for some people, and may be a mild irritant for others. Typical symptoms of a reaction to contact with mold may include sneezing, runny nose, redness of the eyes, and a rash on the skin. Allergic reactions to mold can be delayed but they sometimes can occur almost immediately. Mold reactions are a particular concern for those with asthma, since the mold spores could be inhaled if they are airborn, however even people without an allergic reaction could be affected with allergy-like symptoms.


Mold Testing and Treatment

In many cases, mold can be identified by a simple visual inspection and may not require further testing. However surface testing may be conducted after a remediation to confirm that the mold-bearing surfaces have been adequately cleaned.

technician in protective equipment sprays a surface with mold contamination

Sampling for mold isn’t a do-it-yourself task; it requires a professional analysis by someone with experience in mold sampling and testing methods, and the process often involves using laboratory equipment. Depending on the size and scope of your mold problem we may utilize a number of techniques to remove the mold and clean up the affected spaces. Our qualified technicians will recommend a mold remediation plan based on your situation, which may include other services such as HVAC duct cleaning or water damage cleanup to provide you with a complete and comprehensive solution to help ensure that your mold problem is fully resolved and doesn’t return.

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